Floral Wedding Ideas

We have a guest blogger today! One of our recent brides, Lauren, has created this “how-to” do flowers tutorial for your wedding! Follow the links below the pictures to discover more ideas.

Lets talk about flowers! Flowers are gorgeous and they can make a room, a venue, or your work desk complete. There are so many different shades, textures and detail in each one. When it comes to weddings, brides are always thinking of cute new ways to style and design the natural and beautiful thing to complete their vision. Did I mention how amazing they smell?

Here are a few fun ways to incorporate flowers on your big day:

  1. Add a delicate and simple flower crown to your veil.
  2. Belt your bridal party with flowers to bring texture and natural beauty to their attire.
  3. Will you be walking down the isle in sand? This is a cute addition to a beach wedding where the sand is soft, the view is gorgeous and the company is ready to celebrate.
  4. Here is a fun and amazing prop that can be used for your photo sesh in between the ceremony & reception.
  5. And if you are anything like me, adding initials to your big day is a total must. Maybe have a monogram above your sweetheart table? Or spell out the word SWEET or XOXO at your dessert bar? Having these letters filled with gorgeous flowers instantly adds to your big day.
  6. And who wouldn’t want to escape in an adorable convertible with floral garland on the back? This makes a cute way to say “Au Revoir” to your guest and an amazing shot taken by the photographer.

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