Bachelorette for a Foodie Bride

My sister got married a little over a year ago and as the maid of honor I was in charge of planning her bachelorette party.  She wasnt big on the Vegas trip but the girl LOVES her food, so her bridesmaids and I planned her the ultimate foodie bachelorette in Los Angeles.  I did my research on Food Networks site and looked up restaurants mentioned on shows like “The best thing I ever ate” and “Diners, drive-ins and dives”.  We rented a party bus from Elite Transportation for an entire day so no one would have to worry about driving to each location.  Keep in mind we had to take breaks inbetween for some excersice.  During that time I scheduled a scavenger hunt that got really competitive but was super fun! Below is our schedule for that day, just in case your bride is a foodie too!

BLD– 7450 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 {Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes}

The Grove– 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, Ca 90036 {exercise/scavenger hunt}

Carney’s– 8351 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069 {Hot dogs, hamburgers, Chili dogs}

Joan’s on 3rd– 8350 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048 {Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes}

Hollywood and Highland– 6801 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028  {more exercise/scavenger hunt}

Baby Blues BBQ– 444 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, Ca {BBQ}

Simon LA- 8555 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 {Junk Food Platter}


Bridal Shower Games

Happy first week of March! This month our blog will be featuring tips and advice for the bridal party. Today’s blog we are going to share some hosting tips and games we’ve learned over the years when planning the bridal shower games. We hope it helps the planning process go smoothly so you MOH’s can enjoy the day with you brides.

First off, the tips to make sure the games run smoothly:

{1} Make sure you have an MC.  You don’t have to hire  someone, just pick the most outgoing girl in your group to keep track of time, explain games and announce winners.  This will greatly help the flow of the event.

{2} Have a time limit for the games- Nothing is more annoying then when the games drag on.

{3} Make sure to have enough pens and 3×5 cards ready (You can buy a bunch at the dollar store)

{4} Stick to no more than 3 games- just enough for people to have fun but not get annoyed

{5} Prizes for games- If you are planning with a group, have each person bring a wrapped prize to the party. Prizes can be giftcards (Starbucks), a candle or my favorite, a wedding movie (bridesmaids, father of the bride, my big fat Greek wedding).

Now on to Ooh La Love Events favorite Bridal Shower Games:

{1} Toilet Paper Bride (5 min)- Have your guest team up by table or into groups of 3 and give them a few rolls of toilet paper to create a wedding dress.  They can choose a model from their group or I like to have the bridesmaids be the models.  It makes for a great picture with the bride. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this game.  My mom, sisters and I go all out and always win at every party we attend.

{2} Don’t say “BRIDE” or “WEDDING” or cross your legs (all day)- When guest arrive you hand out an item to them and if they say any of those words or cross their legs you can steal the item.  The prize goes to the guest who has the most at the end of the shower. I am the worst at this game and usually give up right away but I love to see how competitive people get with this one.  The item you give guest could be fake engagement rings that you can buy at Joanns.

{3} All about the Bride (3 min)- As guest arrive have the bride mingle with everyone and right before you decide to start the games make sure she steps away.  Then you hand out the sheet I’ve attached below.  It asks fun questions about what the bride was wearing, if her hair was up or down and what color what color are her nails.  Once everyone is done the bride can come back out and the answers can be read off. Here is the Printable with bonus questions {click here} and without {Click here}.

{4} Spice Game (10 min)- Fill Ziploc bags with different spices and number them 1-5.  Have guest write down guesses on 3×5 card. Make sure to have a tie breaker spice, just in case you have some experienced chefs at your party.

{5} Raffle (1 min)- As guests enter the party have them enter a raffle by having them fill out their address on an envelope.  The bride then will use these for her thank you’s. At the end of the party you can raffle off any extra prizes you may still have.

Happy Planning!