Love Dainty

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for, and that you are ready for a great new year! We love finding new shops on Etsy, and today I want to share an adorable jewelry line with you called Dainty. I personally have two necklaces from Dainty and wear them all the time. Brooke is the owner and designer (and a great friend!), and describes her line as “timeless pieces handmade with love and sweetness”. We love it!  If you are looking for a gift for a bride to be, bridesmaid, or any stylish woman in your life Dainty is perfect! Here are a just a few of the adorable pieces, and to see more check out the Dainty Etsy page here.





Engagement Season

Christmas is coming and with that comes engagement season! For those of you who are planning to pop the question soon I have some tips and advice to share. Get ready for Proposal 101!

{THE RING} Now that you are ready to pop the questions its time to pull up all the crazy emails you get from your girlfriend that have pictures of rings attached.  If your girlfriend isn’t as crazy as I was then you might have to get some help from a sister, friend or mom when ring shopping. Any clue from your girlfriend will help, especially if she’s ever mentioned the type of cut she wants.  Below I’ve included pictures for your reference. You can also click on the picture to see some more rings on Martha Stewart Weddings. Please keep in mind that this process may take a little longer than expected so make sure to give yourself at least 2 months before you plan on proposing.

{THE LOCATION} I love when a guy picks a setting that is important to the couple like the location they first met. I also love a spot with a good backdrop because it always makes for great pictures.  A week ago my husband and I celebrated our anniversary in San Diego and happened to find this amazing location called Sunset Cliff’s at Ocean Beach.  It is a beautiful spot that I would highly reccomend for an engagement! Make sure you get pictures or videos of this moment. It goes by so quickly that its nice to have something to look at after so you can remember it.  I know Grooms that have hired a photographer or others that ask a friend to take some pictures and video from a distance.


Sunset Cliffs-San Diego, CA

Sunset Cliffs-San Diego, CA

{THE QUESTION} I am loving that Robbins Brothers Commercial that is currently playing.  The one that shows you the response of several brides when they see their ring.  Not going to lie, it makes me cry everytime!  I’m sure I can speak for many brides when I say this, no matter what your man says when he pop’s the question,  you tend to black out and not remember a word.  I know for myself I just saw something shiny and was completely distracted.  So whether you have a long speach in mind or just the words “Will you Marry Me?” she will love it!  Just do your best to slow down and enjoy that look on her face!

{THE CELEBRATION} So you got the “YES” now it’s time to celebrate.  My husband proposed while we were on a family trip so I was lucky to have all my cousins there to share the moment with.  I know Caroline’s finance planned a party with her immediate family and friends nearby the place he proposed so she could celebrate with them.  If your girlfriend is close to her family and friends then try and arrange some kind of gathering after the engagement for her to show off her ring and tell the story. Remember if you need help planing the party we are here to help!

Hope these tips help! Best of luck with your Holiday proposals!!